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If you can’t come to us, Hello Online will come to you - at a convenient time and place -wherever you are in the world! We do this by using the latest online technology and offering you face-to-face tuition, online teaching modules and collaborative digital teaching. You probably know about WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime, but we also use Zoom, Moodle and other interactive applications so that we can help you learn, wherever you are.

The way it works is simple: as simple as 1,2,3...

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Check out our website, FB page and click the link. Telephone or text us, if you want; we are always happy to hear from you. Let us know what you need: ask about prices, free downloads and availability.

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Agree a time and a programme that suits you best, then book your first class. You will need to pay in advance - but we accept Online Bank Transfer and PayPal payments, so that is very easy.

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Start learning and improving your English, using our range of online resources. Some of these are free and others - like 1-to-1 tuition - you will need to pay for.

Questions and answers

1. What classes can I take online? We teach all our usual English and EFL classes online. That means that you can take our ‘Speak Up’ Conversation and GEC (General English Course) classes, as well as all the IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation programmes. Plus, we also teach for your GCSE, A-level, IGCSE and IB classes via online distance learning as well.

2. How much does it cost? Your face-to-face classes cost the same, but you save on the cost of travel or homestay, if you work online. Generally, though, we are more focussed in our online teaching and work more efficiently, so you will probably find that it works out cheaper all round.

3. How do I pay? Once we have agreed your programme ‘bundle’ - usually 5 hours to start with - you simply pay the required amount into our bank or PayPal and then we are ready to go!

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When Rajendra - a bright 16 year old from New Delhi - contacted me for help with her IGCSE English, I was a little surprised, as I had rarely used Skype for teaching. The classes went well. Rajendra's family paid £100 by bank transfer for a series of 30-minute lessons. She sent essays by email, which we then discussed in class. She was a great student, who did exceptionally well in her exams. As a result, I became a convert to online distance learning.

So, if you have difficulty coming to us in Britain, why not - like Rajendra - let us come to

Online Cost and Benefit

Our students want to improve their English so they can work or study in the UK.

They are graduates - doctors, architects, pharmacists, academics and engineers.

They all know how vital and valuable good English is for their careers.

Our Fees 

Online Tuition Package (O-OTP) = £35 psh


All classes are paid-for in advance, usually in bundles of 5 or 10 hours.

We are always happy to discuss how we can help you so, if you can't see what you want here, or need any more information about courses, exams or accommodation, please just email or telephone us.

Key: C&LA = Cultural and Leisure Activities Programme; psh = per student hour ; ppw = per person per week; phopt = .per hour or part thereof.

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