Our policy 2021

As we’ve entered a new year, we wanted to communicate how we at hello english will continue to work with our students.

Our primary concern is the health of our students and staff. Under present conditions, although we cannot open for face-to-face classes in person, we are offering our successful online tuition, mentoring and language support services.

What this means for you - your questions answered:

Q. Is the school open for face-to-face classes?
A. Not at present.

Q. What are the new restrictions?
A. We are advised to stay at home and work from home.

Q. Are online courses available?
A. Yes! We offer a full range of online courses, with students from all over the world!

Q. What are the accommodation options?
A. At present, there is no accommodation available.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. Please see our general Terms and Conditions on this website.

Q. When will face-to-face courses resume?
A. We hope to re-open from early March. Contact us for details.

Q. Am I able to travel to the UK from where I am?
A. Please follow government guidance on travel.

Q. Any other questions?
A. Please ask if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.